Lonah show – A fascinating story

Ionah show
Ionah show

You might hear about Cirque du Soleil show which is recognized all over the world for high-quality, artistic entertainment. Here recently in Hanoi, you can enjoy this fascinating entertainment show – Ionah.

Ionah show Hanoi is a unique experience combining modern dance, theater, circus, music, visual and light effects. It delivers novelty and originality in performances and stage effects.

The story

Ionah is the story of a beautiful young girl whose love for Hanoi is as pure and as strong as it is for her lover. A misunderstanding threatens her happiness, pushing her into the darkest corners of soul. Lost in her illusion and blinded by anger, Ionah is tormented between good and evil through a series of supernatural characters.

Ionah show
Ionah show

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Will Ionah escape from her illusion and be able to return to life, happiness and love?


  • Time scheduled: 20.00 Tuesday, Thusday, Saturday
  • Duration: 90 minutes”
  • Fare: First class = 800.000vnd (US$36); Second class = 600.000vnd (US$27)Book early
  • to get the lowest prices and the best seat availability.

Group discount

When you buy 10 tickets or more you will get great discount. Don’t wait longer, buy your tickets right away and enjoy an interesting show.