Discovering Vietnamese Cuisine

Discovering Vietnamese Cuisine
Discovering Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnamese cuisine, with a wide range of delicious dishes bearing hightlights of each region, is close to all Vietnamese people and even satisfies those from other countries.

>>Hanoi’s coffee culture

>>Drink Tea Culture

About Vietnamese cuisine

Vietnamese cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines of the world. It is largely represented by vegetables, fruits, herbs, rice, meat, and it is also very healthy. Traditional Vietnamese dishes are varied, distinct with comparatively low in fat and high in carbohydrates.

Rice is basic ingredient

Rice is basic ingredient
Rice is basic ingredient

Rice is an object for worshipping in many temples of Vietnam. It is said to originate from the Mother Godness Worshipping, the most long–standing belief in Vietnam. Rice appears at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. There’s rice-rice of course as well as rice noodles, rice paper wrappers, rice porridge, sticky rice with fruit, fried rice, puffed rice snacks, and rice wine.

Fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices are common

Fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices
Fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices

In northern Vietnam, the cuisine varies a bit depending on where you are, whether in the mountains or in the city. In the city is vast availability of food, because here you can taste almost everything. While in the mountains is largely represented mainly rice, fresh vegetables, herbs and meat. Meat is expensive commodity for the people from ethic minorities.

Street food is standard

At almost every corner you will find a stall or a restaurant with soups, rice, a variety of meat or noodles. The street restaurants are often focused only for 1-3 meals, but the choice of restaurants is great. Especially in Hanoi – this is a paradise of the street food.

The most famous dishes of Vietnamese cuisine

"Pho"- one of the most famous dishes of Vietnamese cuisine
“Pho”- one of the most famous dishes of Vietnamese cuisine

>>More Cultures and Shows

• a variety of chicken and beef soup (Pho Bo, Pho Ga, Bun Bo Hue)
• rice (Com), noodles (Bun) – in several ways, all with rich Annex vegetables
• rolls, rolls (banh cuon, Goi cuon, Nem cuon) vegetables or other attachment.
• meat dishes – Bun Cha (grilled meat with noodles and vegetables), Bo kho (braised beef with vegetables and noodles)
• Banh Mi Vietnamese sandwiches, in mountainous areas, however, I have seen
• Banh Chung sticky rice cake and Banh Beo steamed rice cakes
• Goi Vietnamese salad (beef, chicken, vegetarian, shrimp…)
• Bahn Xeo pancakes
• seafood and incomprehensible to us – snakes, frogs, dog meat.