5 Great Deserts For Summer

sweet soup
sweet soup

Rau Cau

Rau Cau is a food that everybody like it, the common Rau Cau in Hanoi is Coconut Rau Cau, coz coconut has sweet taste and good smell, easy to combine with jelly powder. You could find coconut Rau Cau in every drink shop or small street shops in Hanoi.

In addition to coconut, Hanoi’s women use another kind of Rau Cau such as: Rau Cau with Flan inside, fruits Rau Cau.. that’s great in the HOT weather that you enjoy a dish of cool and beautiful Rau Cau.

Rau cau
Rau cau

Che (sweet soup)

Che attract both of kids and adults coz its sweet taste and colorful beauty. There are many kind of Che, traditional Che as peanut Che, black peanut che, and luxury che such as Khuc Bach che, Phuc Linh Che…

The light sweet of Che and cold from ice will make you forget the HOT weather. So in Hanoi, after the main meal. Family, friends and couple often go out to enjoy Che on the streets of Hanoi.

sweet soupv
sweet soup

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Ice – cream

Ice cream is not as common as Rau Cau or Che, but it still a favourite of people in Hanoi. You can enoy fresh ice cream, cacao ice cream, fruit ice cream and fried ice cream. Why don’t you try to have a ice cream when it’s hot.

ice-cream - great desert in summer
ice-cream – great desert in summer

Fresh fruits

Near the countryside, so the fruits in Hanoi are often fresh and safe. In Hot days, everybody use fruits as the dessert after the meals or replace ice cream ( usually the fruits have many water in it ). That’s so awesome, if you have a fresh fruits!

Fruit juice

Vietnamese call Rau Cau as the Queen of cool foods, while Fruit juice call the Miss of drinks in summer days. The fruit juices are made of fresh fruits such as: grape, coconut, apple, water melon.. and store in colorful cups. Vietnamese women love this drinks!
water melon juice