About Us

The best way to discover any place is through its food. If you tired with the “western” menu’s offered in the restaurants and don’t want to miss out on a whole other side of Vietnam so, that’s eveninghanoistreetfoodtours.com.

Not only a tasting tours, we offer the brilliant activities to help you discover the all corner without tourist; Street food tasting, cooking class at local home with host, producers talking, biking…. Together with us, typify Vietnamese cuisine generally and Hanoi people (community), life, food in particular will be spreading.

With us, Vietnamese cuisine & culture became alive for you!

Besides giving participants opportunities to learn and taste the many and varied ingredients and dishes on carefully selection offer, you also given great overview of Vietnamese food and discover some awesome food that only available in Vietnam.

Because of carefully choosing, you can enjoy authentic Vietnamese food without worry about the lack of hygiene or stomachaches. The food in tour perfectly balances of serving local street food with a gourmet approach. Of course, we have special offering for vegetarian.